NIEDAX France, le spécialiste du chemin de câble
NIEDAX France, le spécialiste du chemin de câble

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Niedax in France

With over 60 years of experience, Niedax in France, subsidiary of Niedax Group and expert manufacturer of cable trays and support systems, will guarantee a solution to all your needs thanks to a large and comprehensive range of products. Leader on the French market and preferred partner of major Contracters, Engineering and Design offices and Electrical Distribution supplies, we are THE reference in a lot of areas such as industry, energy, transport, infrastructures,... Thanks to our powerful and flexible 100% French production facilities, we develop cable trays and support systems which respond to all technical specifications and all environmental challenges.

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Our Certifications


Scope: NIEDAX in France sites are ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 certified for "the conception, manufacturing and sale of supporting systems for electrical wires, pipework and small associated equipment"


ISO 9001 accreditation: customer satisfaction, sustainable sourcing policy, management by process



ISO 45001 accreditation: places safety at the heart of decision making


ISO 14001 accreditation: carbon footprint, PEP (Product Environmental Profile - lifecycle analysis), ecodesign



ISO 19443 certification: reinforcing safety and quality control throughout the supply chain in the nuclear sector 


EN 15085-2 accreditation: welding of railway vehicles and components



EN ISO 3834-2 accreditation: compliance with full quality requirements in welding

Niedax, a Niedax Group brand

For a safe electrical world and a sustainable future

The name Niedax has been synonymous with state-of-the-art electrical installation for more than a century. The global Niedax Group is founded upon decades of experience and forward-looking innovation and now employs around 2,400 people worldwide.

We offer more than 50,000 products in our cable management systems range, including for industrial facilities, office buildings, power plants and sports arenas.

Thanks to close proximity to our customers, individual solutions, and high quality standards, the group occupies a leading position and has evolved to become one of the world's leading suppliers of cable management systems. 

The Niedax Group has been family owned since its foundation in 1920.

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Gender equity index

In an industrial sector, traditionally masculine, Niedax in France meets the target in terms of gender equity.

With an 86 points index, Niedax in France has identified areas for improvement, amongst which compensations for women with a status of industrial worker or manager. A company agreement illustrates this ambition.

More and more women occupy the positions we have to offer, including on our industrial sites.

In addition to this, convinced that social progress and sustainable performance can only be achieved through a strengthened dynamic in improving gender diversity and equity, we have issued an agreement with our social partners to monitor and controle gender equity.

One of the main worldwide manufacturers in the field of cable supporting systems, Niedax Group reckons that it is fundamental to particularly assume responsibility through its entrepreneurial action, under the Corporate Social Responsibility on all her national and international sites.

We are confident that a transparent management, submitted to high ethical requirements, strengthens the abilities of a company to promote a sustainable development and doing so, to achieve a solid profitable growth.

In the meantime, we have always strived to achieve a balance between economical, ecological and social targets. These primary values are also recorded in our Code of Conduct.

Niedax Code of Ethics